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George Best Limited Edition Cast Feet Signed
Very Rare! George Best Limited Edition Cast Feet signed, with photo proof. limited edition #0222 of 2001 our research can find no others of this limited edition that has been signed. The cast of the feet of one of Manchester United’s most famous player have been handworked from the finest materials by skilled craftsman, using traditional skills and processes they have been created from original impressions taken on 11th August 2000 in Manchester. They are a true and accurate representation of the player’s feet… and from the ultimate sporting autograph. We hope you will appreciate this unique collector’s item for years to come. comes with: Certificate of Authenticity

This is to certify that the frames solid metal casts number 0222 of the feet of the legendary footballer George Best are genuine impressions, given exclusively by the player for inclusion in the Walk of Fame Legends Collections

backed by www.authenticateit.co.uk


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