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1997 Bowman Certified Autograph Issue Derek Jeter card

This is my most prized baseball card. I have cards that are worth more, but being a Jeter fan I really wanted an auto card. Early in this decade Jeter autograph cards were very expensive. There were cards that sold for thousands of dollars because of their scarcity. I just wanted one auto card, so I bid for and won this card. I won the auction and with shipping paid $69.90. I believe this card booked for just around that same amount. I not sure what its worth now, and I'd like to say its not for sale. But let's face it, for the right price everything is for sale.


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Kevin Dawidowicz

Kevin Dawidowicz

I would love to see some more detailed pics.. that looks like a great card.

Posted September 20, 2010 2:23:44 AM UTC

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