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Sabres Hot Shots autographed pic

Rene Robert, Dominik Hasek, Gilbert Perrault, Pat Lafontaine, Rob Ray, Richard Martin

Sabres autographed Hot Shots picture

I got this picture from my friend Greg Sitek while working together a few years back. His friend was the photographer on the job, so we know the autographs are real. I love this picture as it has all of my favorite Sabres pictured in it and signed. It includes the French Connection, Robert, Martin and Perrault, Patty La La Lafontaine, Rob Ray, and Hasek. This piece has been in my office since and is seriously one of my favorites. On a side note, I have had my hands on the actual burnt sticks from the photo shoot, but I am not lucky enough to own one. If I can get my hands on one, I would put it side by side with this image.


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