Sabres fans connect with Donnie Edwards in a new way.

December 17, 2011 12:43:56 AM UTC by Kevin Dawidowicz in Buffalo Sabres, Hockey, Lobby and NHL

Collectors Proof was represented in the Labatt Tailgate Tent Party with the Buffalo Sabres on Friday 12/16/11. The Tailgate Tent Party is the latest from the Sabres in making the game-night experience a little more fun. This week, Buffalo Sabre Legend Donnie Edwards attended the event and signed a few pucks for the fans.

Those fans were lucky enough to participate in the newest form of social media "friending". Every puck was labeled with a unique code, registered on CollectorsProof.com. While serial-numbered hologram stickers are nothing new, this program takes the old way of doing things to a whole new and exciting level.

You see, as these fans got their pucks, they were able to reveal a special code that allowed them to transfer ownership right from Donnie Edwards and the Buffalo Sabres to themselves, updating the fan as the new owner of this piece of Buffalo Sabres history.

What better way to show off to your friends on Facebook and Twitter, how much of a Sabres fan you are, and the great connection you now have with the Buffalo Sabres legend?

For those fans who have their pucks in hand and may have a question about how to claim ownership, we are giving you the 1-2 punch list right here.

First off, make sure you are a CollectorsProof.com member. It's simple, and can be done with your Facebook account. Then, all you do is:

1 - Lookup the ID on the sticker.

2 - "Click Claim This", Scratch-off the Claim Code and enter it into the browser.

Thats it! You are now the new owner in the unique chain-of-custody. Go ahead and brag to your friends about when and where you got the puck, update the story, tell them what a great game it was, put up some photos, and share with the world.

Look for the Collectors Proof tag on your Don Edwards Autographed Hockey Puck and other sports memorabilia, coming soon. And if you don't see it, make sure to tell the dealer - "Show me the Proof!"

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That is really cool! The Collectors Proof system utilized in another capacity. Make sure you add this to your collection or if you are a new member make it the first item in your collection.

Posted December 17, 2011 2:17:32 PM UTC

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