NFL / Buffalo Bills "Gameday Experience" and Collectors Proof!!!

December 22, 2011 8:03:27 PM UTC by cardman1968 in Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos and NFL

For Immediate Release: Attention fans of the NFL from Ontario, Canada and the Northeast

If you are in the Niagara Frontier region on Sunday morning for this or any other Buffalo Bills home game, be sure to stop by the Bills' Fieldhouse to pick up authentic, CollectorsProof.com-registered memorabila. This Sunday, you will have an opportunity to meet John Joseph (that's me), one of our founders (again, that's me), who has been authorized by the Bills to personally see to it that any item you pick up there is photographed and tagged for registration at CollectorsProof.com, establishing a high level of authenticity that will support its value and backstory forever.

For details on the event, browse to http://www.buffalobills.com/tickets/stadium/gameday-experience.html


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