A Look at the Very Collectible Brand Pyrex

January 16, 2012 2:23:29 AM UTC by cardman1968 in Kitchen & Home, Kitchenware and Lobby

At Collectors Proof, we are often flattered at the interest that collectors from around the globe take in Americana. Because most of the team here is American, and because we see the interest that our American collector friends take in the collectibles of other cultures, this is probably not surprising. The point is that the mundane produce of one culture is often considered collectible by others. But what about those times when the mundane produce of a culture is valued from within that same culture? I propose that some other form of admiration is at play. Take, for example, the following article that details the interest collectors have shown, for years, in the oven-proof bakeware Pyrex. Like many, I was initially surprised at the dollars and effort chasing these collectibles. But then I read this article and grasped the elegant simplicity with which these utterly utilitarian items embody the American spirit of innovation and design. And then I was no longer surprised. I was enlightened. Please expand your horizons a bit by spending a few minutes reading what your fellow collectible enthusiasts find attractive in Pyrex... http://uppermoreland.patch.com/articles/kitchen-collectibles-the-incredible-fire-glass

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