UPDATED - If Information is Power...

January 18, 2012 10:05:55 PM UTC by cardman1968 in Apparel & Accessories, Autographs, Lobby and Game Worn Apparel & Equipment

Further action on SOPA has been postponed in the House by its main sponsor, Rep. Lamar Smith. Power to the people! Support for the bill began eroding Wednesday afternoon in an accelerating fashion as the scope and energy of the negative reaction to it began to take shape. Read on...



Original Piece: If Information is Power...

...then SOPA/PIPA is the opposite. It will absolutely shift power away from the small collector and towards the market makers - including the subset of market makers dealing in fakes.

As a collector, your number one defense against fakes is knowledge. Period. Your ability to research the provenance - or history - of an item before you buy it is the single best way to avoid fakes. Your ability to use our community to establish an item's backstory is the single easiest, most-effective way to bolster its value should you decide to sell it.

Consider, then, the content fascism that goes hand-in-hand with SOPA. If you are prevented from properly and thoroughly describing an item's pedigree due to poorly-applied content restricting laws - laws that will go entirely unheeded by fakers - then a critical tool is being plucked from your toolbelt.

Please follow Google's recommendation and take a moment to voice your concern to your law makers.


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