How To: Make your items stand out

January 9, 2011 2:30:00 AM UTC by Abraham Barnes in Lobby

Whether we are posting our PEZ collection, stuffed animals, or even a stack of comic books, the items we share are always something that we are proud of, items that represent who we are and the passions we hold dear to us. But as important as these items are to us, we often forget that not everyone shares the same knowledge out them. All that people know about your collection immediately are the pictures and words that you use to when describing it. As you enter items on Collector’s Proof, you can make sure your items stand out by providing an accurate, fact filled title, a description that shows your knowledge and passion for the item, and pictures that show your item how it truly is. With our example, we will use an item my wife and I recently uploaded, one of her prized snow globes. The first thing that people browsing through items notice is their title. A title should be descriptive, accurate, and include all information that makes your item special. First start with an accurate name for your item. Simply explain what it is. Next, add any descriptors you think are important. Manufacturer name or year, as well as the condition the item is in. Condition words that people will look for are New, Mint, In Box, Working, anything that accurately represents the item. With your title complete, you can now go on to your description. The description is what lets others know how important the item is to you, and why they should care about your item. Descriptions should include information you want to share about your item. In the example, I have put in what my wife and I have found out about our item and it’s working condition. We also decided to add our emotional attachment to the item. Write as much as you feel comfortable about it. When people read your description, they will know why that item is special to you, even if it is just a part of a larger collection. The final thing that your item listing needs to truly stand out is a good picture. Pictures can be taken with cell phones, cameras, or even just held up to a web cam and snapped. The important part of taking a good picture is that it represents your item and how you view it. Another thing to keep in mind is you shouldn't hide the flaws with your item. Often times, the flaws are what makes an item stand out, and makes the item unique. If you want to upload more then one item, taking pictures of any identifying marks or brands is useful, especially if you are curious to learn more about the item. If it can be easily disassembled, some people even include items of it’s assembly! Be as creative with your pictures as you are with your words, and your item will be the envy of other collectors. From title, to description, to pictures, sharing what you know about your item helps others understand why your items are so important to you. And the more passion about your items you share with the community, the more people will become interested in your passion. Until next time, Abe Barnes Social Liaison To contact Abe, either send him a messages via username wyvernhero, or email him at abe.barnes at collectorsproof.com Item used for the example: http://www.collectorsproof.com/Z4P-4P3-T8M-KZA

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Thanks for the tips, Abe! I can't help but think you directed at least one of those tips at me.

Posted January 11, 2011 4:02:03 PM UTC

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