"It's all about the tag on the bag."

March 22, 2012 3:34:47 PM UTC by cardman1968 in Apparel & Accessories and Lobby

That title says it all. Counterfeiting is lucrative, in the final analysis, because consumers love paying less.

Read the following article describing Coach's efforts to shut down counterfeit sales at one particular flea market, and ask the very valid question: How can Coach expect consumers to care more for protecting the Coach brand than protecting their own wallets in these financially trying times?

Brand good marketers - especially those whose products fetch a substantial premium over what their products' form and function otherwise warrant - need to deputize consumers in their brand protection or they will forever be fighting a hopeless battle in which they are far outnumbered by wily flea market booth operators operating in a supply chain that has emergency exits at every turn.

Here's a thought for them. Educate consumers on the massive toll counterfeiting takes on 1st-world economies - job loss, sweat shop activity, product safety erosion, etc. - and then give consumers the tools they need to truly differentiate between an authentic item and a fake. Collectors Proof can help but we are by no means the only tool available. (Just the most effective and rewarding for the consumer! :-))

It's a team approach. The Collectors Proof community can help the brand good and authentic memorabilia manufacturers, but they have to care about their brands at least as much as we do. Right? Right.


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