Counterfeit Avastin Resurfaces, Underscoring Counterfeiter Profit Motive

April 6, 2012 5:46:29 PM UTC by cardman1968 in Lobby

Once again, counterfeiters prove that they are not above putting profit above human life, as evidenced by their willingness to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable. 3rd-world children laboring in sweatshop conditions, likely-terminal cancer patients grasping at the promise of the admittedly costly drug Avastin, or even sun block and baby formula that present less lethal yet still dangerous challenges to human health.

Read more about the Avastin threat here, then please re-read our original post. It's a playbook for handling the poorly-thought-out statement: "Counterfeits don't hurt anyone but the brand."


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A counterfeit of the cancer drug Avastin was recently shipped by a U.S. wholesaler to 36 recipients. While five have been tracked down, the majority are still at large.

This is a particularly insidious form of counterfeiting, arguably akin to murder. The counterfeit contains no active ingredient yet is being used by individuals whose lives depend on it. Furthermore, the "fillers" contained in the counterfeit, while not lethal, do tax the system of anyone taking them. When you consider the immunosuppressed and compromised systems of individuals to whom Avastin has been prescribed, this is particularly worrisome.

We frequently discuss counterfeiting as a non-victimless crime, pointing out the conditions of the 3rd-world laborers and sweatshops spawning them upriver in the supply chain. We mention the hundreds of thousands of Western workers unemployed as a result of counterfeiting. Casually, we share anecdotes about the fake autograph we wasted money on. We should remember, though, that counterfeiters have demonstrated repeatedly an utter disregard for human life. Consider the type of person who goes to great lengths to produce and insert into the supply chain a cosmetically perfect knock-off of a critical cancer drug. It's not someone we should be supporting.

Read more on the Avastin counterfeit here:


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