The Importance of the Story

January 16, 2011 1:17:00 PM UTC by Abraham Barnes in Lobby

To many people, collections aren't about having as many of a certain kind of object as they can. Collections are about the history of each item in their collection, and the stories that the collections in total can tell. How you find your items, what you went through to get them, even the people you meet while your searching out new pieces to your collection, all are just as important as the items themselves to many people. And in the end, these stories are often more valuable then any singular piece when it comes time to share the collection with future generations. As technology has moved forward at an exponential rate the generation gap has continued to widen. The disconnect felt between children and their parents or grandparents is something that can't be blamed on anyone specifically, it's the path our society has started to take. But the sharing of collections can bring all the generations together, and the stories that revolve around the objects in the collections often create a bond that few other things can. Collections are a window into the past that children to not receive through standard education. While they know the general history of the world, the specifics behind items often bring new viewpoints into the mix, and allow children to see life at the time through the eyes of the storyteller. The bond created through these stories ensure that they will be remembered, and the items those stories are about remain important to the family. A legacy is often created around collections, the importance of the items maintained throughout the generations. The stories told also often spark curiosity and imagination within the children, creating an interest in items that they may have never heard of before, giving birth to another fan of certain collectible genres. Sharing the story of your collection can happen in any number of ways. The easiest and most direct is simply sitting down with your family and talking. Of course, this is assuming you can get everyone together. With today's hectic schedules, technology moving forward faster then ever, and instant communication between people across long distances a reality, getting the family into the same room is often just as hard as actually sharing a conversation across the generations. The digital age has created numerous opportunities to share the stories in ways that were never thought of before. Placing your items and their stories online create a lasting record that you can share for generations to come, in a format you know they will be comfortable with. From blogs to sites such as Collector's Proof, putting your stories down in digital form gives substance to your stories, and a place for discussion on the items. Items in a collection are simply that; items in a collection. The stories however, they have a greater value. Sharing your stories lets others see why your collection is important to you, gives them a window into the past, and often opens lines of communications between the generations that would otherwise not exist. Allowing others to see the world through your stories shows them perspectives they may not have thought about, and events they may not have learned about otherwise. The spark of collecting is placed by your stories, and your collection goes from just items to a legacy in the eyes of future generations. All this because of the story, which is often the most important piece of the collection.

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