Disney's New Collectible: Vinylmations

January 30, 2011 8:02:00 AM UTC by Abraham Barnes in Lobby

Our family has just returned from the self proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth! Yes that's right, we took our two kids to Disney World in Orlando last week, and we couldn't have had a better time! Being a part of Collector's Proof, I made sure to take special notice of all the normal tourist collectibles from coffee mugs to sticker books. Most seemed the type of item that would be great keepsakes, but nothing that really stood out. Until I saw the Vinylmations. Vinylmations are a fairly new part of Disney collectibles, having come out first in December of 2008. Available in both 3" and 9" sizes, these collectible figurines quickly swelled into popularity. Each set is available in a limited quantity, and once the sets are gone they are gone. There are 36 separate sets, with approximately 12 figures in each set, mixed between the 3" and 9" varieties. The 3" figures are in a blind box, so you are never quite sure what figure you are getting when you purchase it, you are only guaranteed it comes from the specific set on the box. $3.95 gets you one of these cute little figures that are at the top of any modern Disney collectors list. The best part? If you are in a Disney Park or Resort, you can trade a Vinylmation figure for a random one! Let's say you are at a store in Walt Disney World, and purchase a blind box 3" figure. If you get a duplicate of something you already have, you can ask to trade it! You get to choose from a "mystery box" configuration of 24 different selections. Pick a number, and you get a new figure! New figures could be extremely rare, or even the same one you traded in, you just never know. The 9" varieties are special editions, each with a serial number printed on the base. They run about $39.95 brand new, and you can see which one you are purchasing while it is in the box. These are not tradeable, With the limited nature of the Vinylmations, the great artists they have behind them, and the huge fan base of collectors wanting these, it's easy to see why Disney has a modern hit on it's hands. For more information on Vinylmations, check out the premier fan site on the web, Vinylnation.net.

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