What's new in store?

October 4, 2010 4:45:00 PM UTC by Mike Literman in Lobby

More like what's new in our store. We've got packs of tags in stock and ready to push out the door. These tags, aside from being just plain awesome, are made of high quality, water resistant, laminated, adhesive material. You can buy them in a pack and get a whole handful of tags. In addition to that, they come with claim codes and a scratch off so you can super quickly and discreetly transfer them with ease. Also, you can keep a copy for your records or whatever else you want to do with it. You can buy as many tags as you want and you can even get them for someone else as a gift. Pretty great, right? What else is new? We've increased security to hide display names, images, and other details when you say you don't want them displayed. At the click of a button, they're back. You're sure to see a lot more items and we've got a couple companies on board with us and there are a lot more users, too. Please, for me, tell your friends. Even people who don't collect stuff can benefit from this system. Aside from that we've done some performance enhancing things so the site is quicker for you. Just our way of saying thanks.

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