Letter from the President - A Good Time to be a Collector

April 8, 2011 4:15:07 AM UTC by Kevin Dawidowicz in Lobby

Hello, community members! Welcome to the first edition of the CollectorsProof.com monthly newsletter. This and future issues will serve to announce features launched at your request and will highlight interesting news, members and collectibles.

As this is the first chance I've had to say hello, I'm taking this opportunity to describe what motivates the team here at CollectorsProof.com. I'm betting it will resonate with you.

As collectors ourselves, each of us has hungered for an easy, inexpensive means of showcasing, organizing and protecting our own collections. Having had many negative experiences buying and selling collectibles online - either by paying for bogus items or having our own authentic pieces treated as such by a leery marketplace - we realized that a visible, unbroken chain-of-custody does more to preserve an item's authenticity than any so-called "Certificate of Authenticity." The challenge was clear - the collector community needed a means of putting itself on equal footing with the high-priced, third-party authenticators who have been monetizing our fears for decades. You are seeing the fruits of that realization and - we believe - the beginning of a revolution in authenticity and provenance.

As importantly, you are witnessing the launch of a great new way to enjoy your own collections and the prized memorabilia of others. Read on, and then take some time to enjoy our members' treasures.

Happy collecting!


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