Item of the Month - A Life-sized Replica of the Star Trek Enterprise Bridge

April 8, 2011 4:22:42 AM UTC by Kevin Dawidowicz in Lobby and Star Trek

Mike Carano (http://www.collectorsproof.com/mikecarano) is a prolific photographer, director, musician, comedian, talk-show host, and self-described "nerd with a spending problem." Rarely do people with such skewed worldviews document them as energetically as Mike has, and his collection is as varied as his interests - www.CollectorsProof.com/mikecarano. Don't miss his life-sized Star Trek Bridge at http://www.collectorsproof.com/X9H-FCH-8KA-PHU. But to really wallow in Mike's multimedia Carano-ness you need to visit www.mikecarano.com. Erm... clear your afternoon first - the team here at Collectors Proof is still digging out from under the time we lost watching "5 Minutes with Mike" episodes last Friday.

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The "5 Minutes with Mike" episodes are hilarious.

Great Star Trek Bridge! I wonder if he ever sits in it??

Posted April 9, 2011 6:15:33 PM UTC

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