Fake Grass Stains and All

October 26, 2011 6:56:55 PM UTC by CollectorsProof in Autographs, Football, Lobby, NFL and Game Worn Apparel & Equipment

So, you pay good money for a game-worn jersey, and it arrives looking like it was worn all four quarters in a one-platoon system game (for the uninformed, that means players played both sides of the ball, offense and defense). You're thinking, "Pretty cool!" And, after you check over your shoulder, you even give the jersey a little sniff.

The bad news is that - according to the FBI - the jersey was never worn in a game. It was given that appearance through intentional "roughening, scuffing, washing or dirtying." The good news is that you didn't sniff an actual game-worn jersey.

The lesson? Avoid these guys:

- Bernard Gernay of New Jersey, involved with Pro Sports Investments Inc.

- Bradley Horne of South Carolina, involved with Authentic Sports Memorabilia Inc.

- Jarrod Oldridge of Nevada, involved with JO Sports Inc.

- Michell Schumacher of Wisconsin, using the trade name MS Sports

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