Fake World Series Tickets

October 28, 2011 3:43:02 PM UTC by CollectorsProof in Baseball, Lobby, MLB, Sports, St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers

The scalper looks like a nice guy, filling a societal need in an inefficient marketplace. The price is right, so you buy the tickets. You grab a soft pretzel and a beer on the way to your seats. Hands full, you arrive as the first inning starts, and a family of four is arrayed across your seats.

"There must be a mistake," you think. But one look at your tickets is all the usher needs to know you've been scammed. As you're lead out of the stadium, you wolf down your pretzel and beer so you can have two free hands when you find that scalper, but he's long gone.

You're left with a lighter wallet, the first rumblings of some serious indigestion, and the far-off sounds of cheers emanating from the stadium, ringing in your ears. You've been scammed.

Keep the following in mind: any tickets that scalper doesn't sell before the game he's certainly going to auction off as memorabilia afterwards.

Know where it came from before you buy it. If the seller isn't willing to register those tickets at CollectorsProof.com before you buy them, walk away.

The original news article can be found here: http://www.kmov.com/news/local/St-Louis-scalper-arrested-for-counterfeit-tickets-132757358.html

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