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October 29, 2011 4:32:00 PM UTC by CollectorsProof in Autographs, Lobby, Movies, Music, Photographic Images and Sports

One of the many perks of starting a community of collectors focused on authenticity is the great people you "meet" and who load some of the coolest collectibles on the planet.

AuthenticateIt is a United Kingdom-based memorabilia authenticator that utilizes an array of scientific and forensic tools and processes to examine some of the most fascinating pieces uploaded to CollectorsProof.com to date. Hand-written Jim Morrison lyrics, John Lennon-worn apparel, a variety of items signed by the temporarily re-purposed hands of boxing greats, and a lot more.

Wander through their items and items other members have asked them to authenticate here:


...and, by all means, contact them - in-system or at their web site - if you have questions of your own:

CollectorsProof.com Member ID: AuthenticateIt


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