Going Drinking? Don't Forget Your Laser

October 31, 2011 7:21:14 PM UTC by CollectorsProof in Absinthe Accessories, Bottles and Lobby

Researchers in the United Kingdom have worked out a way to use lasers to determine the authenticity of whiskey, which, depending on its age, brand and even cask, scatters laser beams differently.

The good news is that researchers still haven't come up with a means of determining that you're not really here in town at a convention of Doctors Without Borders, and that the moment you saw her from across the bar, you didn't really think she was "the one." So... spend a little more on your whiskey, but ride the Doctors line all the way home, if it's working for you.

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When I visited NYC last year and met some developers out for a post-conference dinner, one of them introduced us to a (what I was told) really nice scotch. I wonder if it was real or if it could have been switched somewhere along the way. Do you think most folks would really be able to tell the difference as long as the presentation was convincing enough? They could be recycling the bottles and re-filling them with cheaper stuff for all you know. If you can't trust the supplier, then you have to trust the product, packaging and the taste. Maybe I'll pony up for one of those lasers when I'm old enough to be a seasoned scotch drinker. Until then, I'll stick with the occasional vodka, wine, or craft beer.

Posted November 1, 2011 6:09:07 PM UTC

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