Updated Guidelines for Legal Document and Contract Storage

November 7, 2011 1:47:38 AM UTC by CollectorsProof in Accounting & Taxation, Documents, Lawyers & Legal and Lobby

For our members using Collectors Proof to store, time-stamp, and record important legal documents, please note the following:

- it is a good practice to mark those items "private" (visible only by you) or "unlisted" (visible only by parties that know the 12-digit item ID, and will not show up in searches)

- all postings are subject to our standard policies and the EULA as those rules pertain to the legality and content acceptability of the documents

- contact customer service for help in producing comprehensive indices of stored documents in the event of estate litigation or dissolution, or any other event involving comprehensive access to all documents owned by the account holder

As always, contact a member of the Collectors Proof team for specific questions on acceptable use of this or any other feature of the community.


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